Discovering the Secrets of Sirey Island

Koh Sirey islandaa

Koh Sirey Island is a small island located in Phuket Province, situated to the east of Phuket Town. It covers an area of approximately 20 square kilometers. The island is home to the Sea Gypsies, or Chao Leh, who have a unique culture and traditions. The terrain of Koh Sirey Island features hills and small mountains, with several beaches that remain natural and serene.

Life on Koh Sirey Island is simple and nature-oriented. Most locals engage in fishing and agriculture as their primary occupations. The Sea Gypsies’ culture on this island has been passed down through generations, including traditional boat-making and unique local dances.

Koh Sirey Island is also known for its rich biodiversity, with mangrove forests, beach forests, and surrounding seas home to a variety of marine life and plant species. This makes the island a point of interest for researchers and conservationists studying ecosystems and environmental preservation.

Koh Sirey island


Traveling to Koh Sirey Island is convenient, with a drive or taxi ride from Phuket Town taking only about 15-20 minutes. The route is straightforward, with paved roads making it easy to drive. Once on the island, getting around can be done on foot or by renting a motorbike.

There are also boats available for tourists who wish to enjoy the sea view en route, or local boat services for traveling to nearby islands. This provides an exciting and enjoyable way to experience the journey, especially for those who love adventure and want to be closer to nature.

For getting around Koh Sirey Island, local two-row buses or public transport are available at affordable prices. This allows tourists to experience the local way of life while traveling conveniently around the island.

Attractions and Activities

Koh Sirey Island offers several interesting attractions, one of which is Wat Koh Sirey, an important temple for the Sea Gypsy community. The temple is located on a hilltop and provides beautiful views of the sea and nearby islands. Visitors can come to experience the tranquility and natural beauty, as well as admire local architecture and art.

In addition to temple visits, tourists can enjoy various activities such as snorkeling or diving around the island, where beautiful corals and marine life can be found. Other popular activities include fishing and kayaking, which offer a close encounter with nature and underwater life.

For those who enjoy hiking and sightseeing, Koh Sirey Island has trails that go through mangrove forests and beach forests. Tourists can explore and learn about local flora and fauna, and also encounter various bird species inhabiting the area.


Accommodation on Koh Sirey Island ranges from luxury hotels to budget guesthouses and bungalows. Tourists can choose based on their budget and desired comfort. Many accommodations are located near the beaches, offering beautiful sea views.

For those seeking a natural and peaceful experience, bungalows or guesthouses are a good option. These are often situated in quiet areas, providing a private and relaxing atmosphere, allowing guests to fully immerse in nature.

There are also luxury resorts with comprehensive amenities, such as swimming pools, restaurants, and spa services. These resorts often offer high-standard services and organized activities for guests, ensuring a comfortable and convenient stay.

Conservation and Environment

Environmental conservation is a significant focus on Koh Sirey Island, with various organizations and projects established to protect the island’s natural beauty. Efforts include preventing marine littering, planting mangroves to prevent coastal erosion, and promoting eco-friendly tourism.

Coral planting projects are also popular, where tourists can participate in activities to help restore marine ecosystems. This contributes to the conservation of coral reefs and marine animals. Additionally, educational activities on marine and environmental conservation are organized for tourists.

Collaboration between the community and conservationists is crucial for maintaining Koh Sirey Island’s environment. Local residents manage waste and resources systematically and receive training on environmental conservation, ensuring sustainable living and preserving the island’s natural beauty for future generations.


Koh Sirey Island offers a range of facilities to meet tourists’ needs. There are numerous restaurants serving local and international cuisine, along with cafes and bars where visitors can relax and enjoy sea views. Convenience stores and local markets are also available for purchasing essential items.

For medical services, the island has clinics and health centers providing basic medical care and treatment. There is also an ambulance service to transport patients to hospitals in Phuket Town in case of emergencies.

Internet connectivity and communication are convenient, with Wi-Fi services available in many accommodations and restaurants, allowing tourists to stay connected and work from the island. Additionally, motorbike and car rentals are available for traveling around the island.

Precautions and Recommendations

When visiting Koh Sirey Island, safety in water activities such as diving and kayaking should be a priority. Tourists should use standard equipment and follow experts’ instructions to prevent accidents and injuries.

Environmental preservation is crucial; visitors should not litter in public areas to maintain the island’s cleanliness and beauty. Bringing back waste for proper disposal and supporting recyclable materials are recommended. Additionally, avoiding touching corals and marine animals is essential to prevent environmental damage.

During the rainy season, checking the weather before traveling is advised as unfavorable conditions can pose risks in water travel. Proper preparation and carrying rain gear and necessary travel equipment are recommended for variable weather conditions.


Koh Sirey Island’s tranquility and natural beauty are significant advantages, as it does not attract as many tourists as other islands in Phuket. Visitors can relax and immerse in nature without the crowding and noise of popular tourist spots.

The island’s proximity to Phuket Town makes travel convenient and quick. Tourists can explore the island and return to Phuket Town within the same day, easily accessing facilities and amenities in the town.

Koh Sirey Island’s unique Sea Gypsy culture and way of life are also attractions. Visitors can learn about and experience the local traditions, participating in activities and customs unique to this community, making their visit to Koh Sirey Island a valuable and memorable experience.

Economic Significance

Koh Sirey Island holds economic importance as an emerging tourist destination. The development of tourism on the island generates income for the local community through accommodation services, restaurants, and various tourist activities. Visitors to Koh Sirey Island also support the region’s economy.

Fishing remains a primary economic activity for the island. Locals continue to fish and sell seafood products to tourists and local markets. Additionally, agriculture and aquaculture provide supplementary income for the community.

Sustainable development and conservation are essential on Koh Sirey Island. Economic activities are managed with consideration of environmental impact and community welfare, ensuring sustainable growth and preserving the island’s natural resources for future generations.


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